Monitor 1 v2

Soundfields original monitor, back with new drivers and bass options. Still in the same size cabinet, but now with a larger 7" coaxial and cardioid bass that extends down into the 20s in room.

Controlled directivity coupled with active bass, make for an extremely room friendly speaker. One that allows freedom from ungainly so called room "treatments" (which are really bandaids for sub-optimal speaker design and polar radiation characteristics).


Midbass:7" paper composite

Tweeter: 1" Aluminum/Magnesium

Subwoofer: 8" High Excursion 

FR: 28Hz-30kHz +/-3db

Impedance: 6ohm nominal, 4.2ohm min

Sensitivity: 88db/2.83v/1m

Size: 17" H x 10" W x 12" D

Weight 30 lbs

Estimated Price $2300/pr

Projected Availability Aug 2019

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