Our flagship product. A no compromise design, centered around an open baffle mounted  12" coaxial midbass with an annular ring radiator compression tweeter. A ribbon supertweeter adds air and space to the very top. Dual 18" AE dipole subwoofers  in a cardioid configuration and a rear mounted sealed DirectServo 15" aluminum subwoofer provide bass to 10Hz in the largest rooms. Not just in quantity,  but with 6db less reverberate excitation power, quality of pitch, sharp transient and definition, unlike typical "box" sound. With a voltage sensitivity of at least 100db from 60Hz-20kHz, powered by 2.5kWatts per side, "Dynamics" and uncompressed ease at any volume is attained, including symphony levels. Mounted inside the open top enclosure is a rear facing horn controlled directivity driver firing into a internal geodesic diffusor, mimicking an ambient field much like a large planar panel speaker placed several feet from walls...but without having to be several feet from walls due to the DSP delay. All remote controllable, so that one can have large horn "direct" sound with minimal room interaction, or very large spacious soundstage, depending on level of diffuse driver (including "off"). We know of no other "high end" product that does anything like this. Fully custom finishes available - high gloss Ebony Macassar shown.



FR: 14Hz-40kHz +/- 3db


4X500w, 2X100w NCore,

300w DirectServo per speaker

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