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Please come see us and share some music at Axpona 2014 Chicago..bigger and better than ever!
Room 344 - Soundfield Audio, ModWright & MG Audio Design

M2 and new VSFT3 Tower will be on display

Please be patient. Website is continually under construction, new version coming soon.....Soundfield is currently developing our own, proudly made in USA cabinets and products with high domestic content.

Soundfield Audio is born first and foremost from a passion for music. We do not believe compromise should be made because of size constraints, nor do we believe that an unlimited budget is required for exceptional performance. Enjoy the value of sensibly priced product, with true "high end" sound. Our first product has been launched, the Monitor 1, after the overwhelmingly positive reviews from seasoned audiophiles, at Capital Audiofest 2011.

Comments from 2011 Capital Audiofest:

"I was at the show on Sunday, and unfortunately, did not get to hear the (larger) speakers, as they were pushed to the back so that a pair of bookshelves that were in the end-stages of development could be demonstrated. Wow! What a demo it was!
My initial thought upon entering the Soundfield room was, "Franken-speakers?? What are these doing here?" I soon got my answer - greatly exceeding expectations!

What I saw was a pair of small bookshelf speakers...claimed low-end response extended into the sub-30Hz realm... and without the benefit of an actual measurement, they definitely seemed to be proving it. Just wow. With handmade crossovers seemingly tuned to perfection, the overall response seemed exceedingly smooth from top to bottom

"an orchestral piece was playing and the dynamics and bass were energizing the whole room more so than any other demo at the fest. IMHO they put some big time speaker manufacturers to shame."

"they can produce impressive sound levels, they also handled more intimate material with aplomb as well. Some of the most impressive sounding at the show regardless of price"

Comments from 2012 Axpona (Jacksonville):

I was especially taken with the bass, depth, air, and detail of the bigger speaker package. But even the $1300 monitors, however, delivered solid sound that turned heads and influenced people - Jason Serinus Stereophile http://www.stereophile.com/content/soundfield-audio-0

Biggest surprise at AXPONA? Soundfield Audio! - Scott Hull Part-Time Audiophile

Best Value?
..the much larger, powered bookshelf Monitor loudspeakers in the new Soundfield room
Best Horns?
The best "horns" at the show were also in AJ's room. His new 1812 Overtures are big, two-foot square, raw boxes - one on top of the other, separated by the narrow black pipes of a loudspeaker stand - with two simple large cone drivers. Unlike most of the systems at AXPONA, when I first came into AJ's room, he was playing the wide frequencies and dynamics of complex orchestral music at loud volumes. Just like horns. They easily made orchestral music sound real, live and present. Not what every tweaking audiophile is looking for, I know. Nevertheless, hard to beat the "in your own listening room" experience too. Although he quickly showed how easily his big black boxes handle typical demo fare, like Norah Jones and Jack Johnson, his simple Overtures are powerful and dynamic for $7500. - A. Colin Flood - Enjoy the Music

Real life dynamic sound can be realized in reasonably priced loudspeakers

Soundfield Audio Team.

Tampa, FL 33604

e-mail: soundfieldaudio.net@gmail.com

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